Students may enroll at Nashville Sudbury School any time during the school year, subject to availability.

Ready to Enroll

At the conclusion of your tour and interview or soon after, we’ll invite you to enroll or let you know if we are unable to extend an offer. If you decide to enroll, our Admissions Clerk will work with your family to schedule a registration meeting, where you will sign the contract and make an initial deposit towards tuition.

We’ll send you the necessary forms to be filled out in advance of the meeting to expedite the process. Custodial parents and all enrolling students from your family should attend the registration meeting, which usually takes no more than an hour.

Practice Period

We understand that transitioning to self-directed learning in a participatory democracy is a transformational step on one’s educational path. The Practice Period is a time for students and families to get to know the model first-hand and ensure that it is a good fit for all parties involved. On an agreed upon date, the student will attend school during a 4-week period as a full voting member, with all of the rights and responsibilities that come with the community.

At the two-week and four-week marks, parents and student(s) will attend a check-in meeting, during which time the student(s) and their family will receive feedback from staff about how things are going as well as give feedback of their own and address any concerns.

During the Practice Period, if you or the school find that this isn’t the right fit, you or the school can end the enrollment with no financial penalty. At the end of the Practice Period, if you or the school are not sure yet about whether this is truly the best fit, the Practice Period can be extended for an additional two weeks, with a final check-in meeting at the end. We want to be sure the school will meet your high expectations! If you are ready to enroll after the Practice Period ends, you will commit a year-long contract.

Nashville Sudbury School, a part of Two Springs Fellowship, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, is open to students ages 4-18 and welcomes students of every race, creed, and culture as well as families of every composition.