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Alliance for Self-Directed Learning (ASDE): A nonprofit organization dedicated to normalizing and legitimizing self-directed education, to make it available to everyone who seeks it.

Alternative Education Resources Organization (AERO): AERO’s mission is to help create an education revolution to make learner-centered education available to everyone.


Definition from Wikipedia: In a practical context, it refers to the mental process a person goes through after being removed from a formal schooling environment, when the “school mindset” is eroded over time. Deschooling may refer to the time period it takes for children removed from school to adjust to learning in an unstructured environment.

Families who have taken their children out of school to homeschool often find their children (and often the parents too) need a period of adjustment – learning to live without the reinforcement of grading and regimented learning. It is typically used to describe children who have been removed from school for the purpose of self-directed homeschooling, but technically applies any person leaving school, either by dropping out or graduating.

Here are some links for more on deschooling for children and parents.

At Nashville Sudbury, we respect that there will be a transition period, especially if your child is coming from traditional schooling. As enrolled students, they will be able to take all the time that they need to transition.